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Industrial Equipment

Delivering industrial cleaning solutions with unmatched quality and service from Nilfisk. They are the leading global provider of professional cleaning products.

Experts in Linen & Janitorial Supply

Helping your business save time and money

Since 1964, Blue Ribbon Linen, a family-owned company, has been providing our customers with quality dry cleaning & laundry services as well as janitorial supply and paper products. Over the years, we have steadily expanded our product offering to cover items our clients need to function in day-to-day operations.

We offer a comprehensive online catalog of top-quality linen, paper, and janitorial supplies to simplify the ordering process for you.

  • Janitorial Supplies

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Skin Care

  • Food Service

  • Facilities & Grounds

  • Food Service

  • Beverage Supply

  • Office

  • Packaging

  • More....

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Fast and secure online bill pay. No account necessary!

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Fast and secure online bill pay. No account necessary!

Our Supplies

Paper & Chemicals

With a wide range of paper and chemical products, you're guarantee to find what you need to get the job done right. Plus, our free and convenient delivery service eliminates the need for employees to run to the store while on the clock.

Our Rentals

Linens, Uniforms & More

From table cloths to floormats and uniforms to bathroom supplies, we provide everything a restaurant needs to provide a clean and welcoming environment to its patrons.

We can help you eliminate the overhead costs to launder and maintain the linens in your restaurant. We pick up, launder and deliver your table cloths, linen napkins, uniforms, and floor mats. 

When combined with our over services, the potential savings can be significant.

At Blue Ribbon, we're here to make your life just a little bit easier. 

Pick up & Delivery

Concierge Dry Cleaners

We're here to make your life just a little bit easier. Our laundry and dry cleaning services are designed with you in mind. With convenient drop-off and delivery services available, you can take laundry off your to do list. Blue Ribbon has the only drive-thru laundry services in the  LC Valley. The drive-thru is open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm.

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Satisfied Customers

I was looking and looking for someplace to have some large comforters washed, and finally found Blue Ribbon. We drove all the way into Lewiston just to take those and all of our sleeping bags washed. Super friendly people. I think the prices are kind of high, but then it's been a long time since I took anything to a laundry. Turns out they have pick up points in towns closer to us! So, we can drop it off much closer and pick it up there when it's done. So glad to know that. I don't have much that I would take to the laundry but it's sure nice to have it available.

-Loretta L.

Great Family owned business that cares about the LC Valley!

-BMC 77

A family run top notch business

-Toby W.

Very helpful ladies at the front counter!
Had a new zipper put in my leather jacket. Works great! WAY LESS than buying a new leather jacket.

-Kerry C.

Have dealt with them several times in the past... and they always come through! The right products always prepared how you ask. A local business that cares about the LC Valley!

-Tom J.

Wonderful service and very friendly. Good at tailoring, putting in patches, and dry cleaning. Fair good prices.

-Erin N.

They got my comforters done really fast and when I needed them. I thought they were great and will use them again.

-Travis W.