Restuarant & Linen Supplies

From table cloths to floormats and uniforms to bathroom supplies, we provide everything a restaurant needs to provide a clean and welcoming environment to its patrons.

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Restaurant Linen Service

Eliminate the overhead costs to launder and maintain the linens in your restaurant. We pick up, launder and deliver your table cloths, linen napkins, uniforms and floor mats. There is no purchase necessary on your part. We even replace warn or damaged products as needed.

When combined with our over services, the potential savings can be significant.

Popular Restaurant Products
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Dinner Napkins
Dish Chemicals
Floor Mats
Hand Soaps
Table Clothes & Napkins
Paper Towels
Uniform Rental Service

Your staff are the face of your restaurant. Their appearance helps to determine the trust your patrons have in your restaurant. We can help keep your staff uniforms looking professional. Our uniform rental service takes the headache out of making sure your staff come prepared for work looking their best. From aprons to hats, shirts and even pants, we have a wide selection to options to match your restaurant's style.

Pickup & Delivery

We offer rental programs customized for you business to maximize value, quality and selection. Our drivers deliver providing added affordability and convenience so you can concentrate on running your business.

For your convenience, we have a complete catalog of direct order apparel and accessories. Ask your Blue Ribbon Linen Supply sales associate to deliver a catalog to you and we can special order whatever you like.