Case Study: Tri-State Memorial Hosipital

Blue Ribbon Linen Supply saves Tri-State Memorial Hospital as much as 40% on uniform and linen rental and laundering.

Project Information

A long-time client of Blue Ribbon, Tri-State Memorial Hospital was looking to save additional costs on healthcare uniform and linen rental and laundering. With a desire to expand into this very service, Blue Ribbon approached Tri-State, showing them how they could provide the services they were looking for, saving them money on labor, equipment and storage related to their own in-house laundering department.

Blue Ribbon’s offer was simple: In the same way they provided linen rental and laundering service to a wide variety of businesses, they would offer Tri-State’s the same type of service for their healthcare uniforms and hospital linens. Weekly pickup, laundering and drop-off for all their uniforms and linens, in addition to the replacement of any worn-out items at no additional cost.

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Challenge & Solution

The savings for Tri-State Memorial were substantial. They were able to greatly reduce their reliance on in-house labor, equipment, supplies and storage related to uniform and linen laundering, in addition to the ongoing cost of purchasing a steady supply of these items outright. Achieving savings of up to 40%, they were more than satisfied with Blue Ribbon’s linen and uniform rental and laundering service.

Additionally, Tri-State Memorial was able to save even more with Blue Ribbon’s janitorial and cleaning supply service, which offers a simplified ordering process involving just one Blue Ribbon representative, free delivery and one convenient monthly bill.

Substantial Savings

The savings on labor, equipment, supplies and storage for healthcare facilities large and small are undeniable.

Convenient and Reliable

With Blue Ribbon, healthcare facilities have streamlined billing and client support through a single vendor that offers prompt and reliable service.

Trusted Partnership

Blue Ribbon’s consistency and ability to customize services for each client make them a reliable business partner you can always count on.

Through Blue Ribbon’s expansion into healthcare uniform and linen rental and laundering services, Tri-State Memorial Hospital now has linen and uniform rental and laundering as well as janitorial supplies, all from one prompt and reliable vendor.

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