Restaurant Linens & Supplies

Enhance Your Image

We care about your business and take pride in offering items that enhance your business image from restaurant uniforms to table setting style. We listen to you and find ways to provide the best products and services available. When our customers wanted better mats for commercial kitchens we found a grease proof, pliable, light weight, and anti-fatigue mat. When customers were concerned about insect health issues caused by flies, we investigated insect control to provide a product that works without chemical sprays and is FDA compliant. While listening might seem like a little thing, it’s the little things that make Blue Ribbon Linen Supply stand apart from the competition.

We offer rental programs customized for you business to maximize value, quality and selection. Plus our drivers deliver providing added affordability and convenience so you can concentrate on running your business.

For your convenience, we have a complete catalog of direct order apparel and accessories. Ask your Blue Ribbon Linen Supply sales associate to deliver a catalog to you and we can special order whatever you like.