Janitorial Supplies

We can help you keep your business looking clean and professional.

Our Route Sales Specialists are your partners in a safe janitorial supply program. We can cater to each customer's specific needs and manage your inventory to make it a not hassle service. From cleaning supplies and equipment to paper products, we'll take care of our needs.

We can help:

  • Reduce your costs by consolidation chemicals and products where possible
  • Provide training on all our chemicals
  • Assure you are in compliance with chemicals you use
  • Maintain and replace inventory to save you time
  • Deliver the items you need, reliably and timely

    We can help you sanitize with DepHyzE!

  • a safe 3x more effective, alcohol-free hand sanitizer
  • a powerful surface decontaminant and disinfectant that won't damage floors, countertops or furniture
  • a carpet cleaner that truly neutralizes odors and dangerous chemicals

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